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colour / brightness testing

(physical determinants)


(software determinants)

set up the SD card: (needs an Internet connection; set it up like this

arduino » python

upload an arduino sketch which calls a python script using Process from the Bridge library

! must open the Serial Monitor for the script to actually run !!!

python » arduino

python OSC

install it the regular way:

opkg update #updates the available packages list
opkg install distribute #it contains the easy_install command line tool
opkg install python-openssl #adds ssl support to python
easy_install pip #installs pip
pip install python-osc #installs the osc module

not the module i wanted :(

install this module instead

### download the module from
### untar, cd into the directory
### run
./ install



26.05.2014 15:50 everything stuck, yun can't connect to wifi any more and won't reset uploaded the Bridge>WifiStatus example finally the Arduino-bla network is up again;

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