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d3 js workflow

logging data on the server;

export as .csv

prepare data for representation using this python script (estimotes/wif-fi fingerprints), output a file structured like this IMPORTANT! calculate positions of control points (estimote beacons/wifi-fingerprints) on the screen, according to the background image; match estimote ID (62100,55745,56336), wi-fi fingerprints ID in the redpin db (fp1&9=ID3=121centre, fp2&8=ID2=corridormiddle, fp3&5=ID41=17desk, fp4=ID47=here, fp6=ID40=117leftcorner, fp7=ID6=117windowleft)

parse data with a script that generates shapes in color and position determined by the log

prepare an html file to call js

go to the link:

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