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beagle bone black

connect to laptop:

network manager > Edit Connections > Ethernet > Wired Connection 1 > IPv4 Settings > “Share to other computers”

find out your IP

$ sudo ifconfig

run nmap to find beagle-bone's IP

$ sudo nmap -A xx.xx.xx.*

ssh into it

$ ssh root@BBB.IP.ADDRESS 

udev rules

IMPORTANT: write udev rules to address arduinos correctly

arduino1: led

using ShiftPWW library modified by phil

the code? shiftpwm-led-controls

software on the board: serial-parse-led

pins: 8 - LATCH (OE) 11 - DATA 13 - CLL


arduino2: motors

software on the board: Multiple-Serial-Servo-Control

controls (python)

running on the BBB

opens two serial ports, creates two serial objects

reads data from the server

datas = urllib2.urlopen("")

full python code

uses class

short code to test the motors

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