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Indoor positioning systems for Android

a comprehensive article on different indoor positioning technologies

Foot Path

  • FootPath: a project developed at the Aachen University;
  • infrastructure-less tracking: starts from a known point and with a floor plan; uses accelerometer+gyroscope to determine the path taken from the starting point;
  • + doesn't need to be online, doesn't need any additional information about the environment;
  • - needs a map to be pre-uploaded;
  • - error adds up;


  • cloned the github project, imported in Eclipse
  • downloaded a map using JOSM (download here and run: java -jar josm-tested.jar)
  • replaced the value in, line 200 with the name of the map (epflmap)
  • chmod +x, run ./
  • restart Eclipse, run the app.
  • it crashes, on all phones, immediately :(
  • there is a version of FootPath in playstore, this one works well enough to test;

Red Pin

october 2014 → ? USING REDPIN

  • running redpin.jar on the edar server
  • because of post issues (not able to open access to 8000 outside of epfl network) moved the server to KUCJICA. same process, same database;


  • december 12, BC building; performed 4 measurements all lasting about 2 minutes. kept track of the movement by hand (noted positions and times on a peace of paper) and compared that to the data the app sent to the server; results can be found here measurement tests 12.12.2014



  • dwloaded the zip file for Android
  • imported the project into Eclipse and set the target Android version
  • run as application on Motorola test phone;
  • iDocent freezes, then has to quit because it's not responding; :( (error log)


  • wi-fi fingerprint based
  • fingerprints need to be preset (define points on a map, scan and remember the results); after creating this base/dictionary of positions, it locates the user closest to the defined points;


a little bit of microsoft input: RADAR

triangulation systems based on signal strength

the calculation

how to calculate the geographic midpoint for two or more points on the earth's surface; how to calculate the center of minimum distance; how to calculate the average latitude/longitude



need something closest to the TeroM tool + a general map of the space; map the space out (preset points and scan the db at each point); load all this information in the app (with an option to edit or re-measure db strengths);

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