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-  * using eurolite LED Floor SLS-400 RGM DMX lights ([[http://​​cosmoshop/​pix/​a/​media/​0020105380/​sls-400.pdf|manual]])+====== android app logging on the server ======
-===== arudino/pd to DMX light =====+following [[http://​​2012/​05/​how-to-connect-android-with-php-mysql/​|these instructions]]
-ardunio ​Leonardo+server side:  
 +  * create a mysql user for the project 
 +mysql -u root -p 
 +mysql> use mysql; 
 +mysql> INSERT INTO user (Host,​User,​Password) VALUES('​%','​username',​PASSWORD('​password'​));​ 
 +mysql> flush privileges;​ 
 +  * create a database  
 +myqsl> create database databasename;​ 
 +  * create a table 
 +mysql> use databasename;​ 
 +mysql> CREATE TABLE tablename( 
 +pid int(11) primary key auto_increment,​ 
 +value1 int(10) not null, 
 +value2 int(10) not null, 
 +value3 int(10) not null, 
 +value4 int(10) not null, 
 +created_at timestamp default now()  
 +  * create a php file which will handle http requests from the app; [[php-server-log]] 
 +  * edit the class that sends data to the server, in this case and include the correct server address  
 +<code java> 
 + private static final String SERVER_IP = "​http://​urloftheserver/​file.php";​ 
 +====== arudino/pd to DMX light ====== 
 +  * using eurolite LED Floor SLS-400 RGM DMX lights ([[http://​​cosmoshop/​pix/​a/​media/​0020105380/​sls-400.pdf|manual]]) 
 +  * ardunio ​UNO
 IDE version 1.1.5 IDE version 1.1.5
Line 10: Line 47:
 (jumpers: EN-;​-DE;​TX-;​RX;​) (jumpers: EN-;​-DE;​TX-;​RX;​)
-DMXSimple library found [[http://​​download/​|here]] or customized library ​(pin 2 always ​on) somewhere on this wiki+[[http://​​download/​|DmxSimple library v3.1]] with the [[dmx-simple|DmxSimple example]] (use pin 4, pin 2 always ​HIGH) somewhere on this wiki
 light set to 5ch mode, addr 1 light set to 5ch mode, addr 1
Line 16: Line 53:
 pd testpatch [[eurolite-dmx-test]] pd testpatch [[eurolite-dmx-test]]
 +  * arduino LEONARDO
 +IDE version 1.5 beta
 +Tinkerit DMX shield, 3pins;
 +[[http://​​download/​|DmxSimple library v3.1]] + [[dmx-simple-cpp|DmxSimple.cpp]] that supports Leonardo (timer4) > found in the comments [[http://​​p/​tinkerit/​wiki/​DmxSimple|here]] by [[http://​​u/​114138580452207614354/​|francois...]] + [[dmx-simple-h|DimSimple.h]] + [[dmx-simple|DmxSimple example]] using pin 4 (instead of 3=default), pin 2 always HIGH
 +====== install app: ======
 +qr code generator (you can specify the type like android app, iphone app, url...) [[http://​​]]
 +qr code with download tracking [[https://​​dashboard/​]]
 +====== set-up the router ======
 +  * TP LINK WR703N router
 +  * OpenWRT installed following these instructions
 +  * AP MODE: the blank wireless [[ap-configuration|configuration file]]
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