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android app logging on the server

following these instructions

server side:

  • create a mysql user for the project
mysql -u root -p
mysql> use mysql;
mysql> INSERT INTO user (Host,User,Password) VALUES('%','username',PASSWORD('password'));
mysql> flush privileges;
  • create a database
myqsl> create database databasename;
  • create a table
mysql> use databasename;
mysql> CREATE TABLE tablename(
pid int(11) primary key auto_increment,
value1 int(10) not null,
value2 int(10) not null,
value3 int(10) not null,
value4 int(10) not null,
created_at timestamp default now() 
  • create a php file which will handle http requests from the app; php-server-log
  • edit the class that sends data to the server, in this case and include the correct server address
		private static final String SERVER_IP = "http://urloftheserver/file.php";

arudino/pd to DMX light

  • using eurolite LED Floor SLS-400 RGM DMX lights (manual)
  • ardunio UNO

IDE version 1.1.5

Tinkerit DMX shield, 3pins; (jumpers: EN-;-DE;TX-;RX;)

DmxSimple library v3.1 with the DmxSimple example (use pin 4, pin 2 always HIGH) somewhere on this wiki

light set to 5ch mode, addr 1

pd testpatch eurolite-dmx-test

  • arduino LEONARDO

IDE version 1.5 beta

Tinkerit DMX shield, 3pins;

DmxSimple library v3.1 + DmxSimple.cpp that supports Leonardo (timer4) > found in the comments here by francois... + DimSimple.h + DmxSimple example using pin 4 (instead of 3=default), pin 2 always HIGH

install app:

qr code generator (you can specify the type like android app, iphone app, url…) qr code with download tracking

set-up the router

  • TP LINK WR703N router
  • OpenWRT installed following these instructions
  • AP MODE: the blank wireless configuration file
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