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 +===== Python and SOM =====
 + - python module by Vahid Moosavi of CAAD, **sompy**
 + - another SOM python implementation,​ **somoclu**:​ https://​​en/​stable/​index.html ​
 + - SOM Java Toolbox created at TU Wien http://​​dm/​somtoolbox/ ​
 + - Twitter sentiment analysis with Python: https://​​another-twitter-sentiment-analysis-with-python-part-5-50b4e87d9bdd
 ===== Scraping and mining twitter streams ===== ===== Scraping and mining twitter streams =====
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 following these tutorials: [[http://​​posts/​2014/​07/​twitter-analytics/​|Introduction to Text Mining using Twitter Streaming API and Python]] & [[http://​​notes/​streaming-data-from-twitter.html|a beginners guide to streamed data from Twitter]] following these tutorials: [[http://​​posts/​2014/​07/​twitter-analytics/​|Introduction to Text Mining using Twitter Streaming API and Python]] & [[http://​​notes/​streaming-data-from-twitter.html|a beginners guide to streamed data from Twitter]]
-1. get Twitter API keys from https://​  +  - get Twitter API keys from https://​  
-2. **scrape tweet stream** using [[twitter-streaming-py|python streaming script]] +  ​- ​**scrape tweet stream** using [[twitter-streaming-py|python streaming script]] 
-3. **mine the tweets** using [[mine-tweets-py|python mining script]]+  ​- ​**mine the tweets** using [[mine-tweets-py|python mining script]] 
 +A resourceful guide for Twitter textmining in Python: https://​​2015/​03/​23/​mining-twitter-data-with-python-part-4-rugby-and-term-co-occurrences/​  
 +===== Scraping and mining Dezeen articles ===== 
 +  * with **scrapy** 
 +The setup: python3 in the conda environment  
 +<​code>​$ conda create -n bots python=3.4 # create a virtual environment named "​bots"​ 
 +$ source activate bots # activate the environment;​ check if active: conda info --envs 
 +$ conda install -n bots -c conda-forge scrapy # install scrapy for the named environment 
 +Run scrapy directly from the shell:  
 +<​code>​$ scrapy startproject dezeen # start a project</​code>​ 
 +Detailed instructions here: https://​​en/​latest/​intro/​tutorial.html#​creating-a-project 
 +Create a _spider_ in the folder dezeen/​dezeen/​spiders/​ within which you will create a class that will declare its' name. This name will be used to call the spider from the console:  
 +<​code>​$ scrapy crawl spider_name</​code>​ 
 +It is also important to declare fields in pages that will be scraped. This is done in the dezeen/​ file, using eg (the Class is already declared when you start project). 
 +<code python>​Class DezeenItem(Item):​ 
 +title = Field() 
 +link = Field() 
 +description = Field() 
 +These fields will be later used as part of the item dictionary (e.g. item['​link'​])
 ====== DOCTORAL RESEARCH ====== ====== DOCTORAL RESEARCH ======
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 ====== other ====== ====== other ======
 +[[ways-to-run-python|ways to run Python]]
 [[server maintenance]] [[server maintenance]]
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