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Quadricone model, Buhne A, Zurich

The Quadricone modela was produced for and presented at a research symposium 'Stage digital – a scenographic expedition', organised by SINLAB and ZHDK at Bühne A in Zurich, in November 2012. It introduced more formal complexity, reacting to any four wireless networks that were active in the space.

a video of the installation

technical details

set of frames with motors + stretchable fabric attached to a wooden board


  • the structure:
    1. particle board 1.6mm, 50x100cm
    2. 4 aluminium frames made from a 10x22mm profile, 50x25cm
    3. 4 HiTEC ultra torque servo motors, HS-645MG
    4. rotary to linear translation mechanism

  • controls:
  1. Arduino Mega (ATMEGA1280) board
  2. laptop, scanning and sending data to Arduino


  • aircrack-ng, scanning network traffic (looks up the traffic on all available networks, writes a dump to a .csv file)
  • Arduino-Python 4-Axis Servo Control firmware by Principialabs, with the associated library
  • python script, acts as intermediary (reads the .csv file, finds four most active networks and calculates the position of motors based on the difference in the number of packets from the previous calculation)



  • start aircrack
airmon-ng start wlan0

(this will create an instance of the interface in the monitor mode, mon0)

airodump-ng -o csv -w [a file] mon0

* in a separate terminal, run the python script:


* alternatively, to check the functioning of the system without motors, run quadricone test script

  • when finished, stop airmon-ng
airmon-ng stop wlan0
airmon-ng stop mon0
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