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QUADRICONE installation at Les Urbaines, Lausanne

interaction scheme

technical details

stretchable fabric + 4 HiTec servo motors + arduino + laptop running airodump-ng under Ubuntu Oneiric


  • the ceiling:
    1. stretchable fabric, 2.25x7m
    2. 2 wooden bars, 5x5cm, 2.25m long
    3. 2 wire cables, 7m long
    4. hooks, screws, staples…
  • the floor:
    1. 4 HiTEC ultra torque servo motors, HS-645MG
    2. modified the servos for continuous rotation, using this procedure servo-continuous-modify
    3. four theatre weights to hold motors on the ground and wooden boxes to hide the motors
    4. Arduino Mega (ATMEGA1280) board
    5. custom made shield with connectors for the motors and independent power
    6. 24W Universal AC Power Adapter, on 6v
    7. plexiglass wheels on motors
    8. laptop, scanning and sending data to Arduino


  • aircrack-ng, scanning network traffic (looks up the traffic on all available networks, writes a dump to a .csv file)
  • Arduino-Python 4-Axis Servo Control firmware by Principialabs, with the associated library
  • python script, reads the .csv file, finds four most active networks and calculates the position of motors based on the difference in the number of packets from the previous calculation



airmon-ng start wlan0

(this will create an instance of the interface in the monitor mode, mon0)

airodump-ng -o csv -w [a file] mon0

* in a separate terminal, run the python script:


* alternatively, to check the functioning of the system without motors, run python test script

  • when finished, stop airmon-ng
airmon-ng stop wlan0
airmon-ng stop mon0
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