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 ===== HOWTO ===== ===== HOWTO =====
 +phone side:
 +  * download and install [[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=net.lmag.connectornot|Connect or Not app from Google Playstore]]
 +  * enable OSC transmission (Menu>​Enable OSC)
 +  * press the PLAY button to start counting and sending data
 +  * make sure you are connected to a wireless network (doesn'​t need to be online)
 +laptop side:
 +  * connect to the same WiFi network as the smartphone
 +  * make sure the Wybron lights are correctly connected to the DMX shield (in series) and that the Arduino is connected to the laptop; check Arduino port and baudrate
 +  * start the [[wybron-pd]] puredata patch
 +  * browse, talk, send sms's and upload data over the network. observe changes in light colour and speed of change
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