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Connect or Not: Pavilhao CIVIL, IST, Lisbon, September 2014


interaction scheme

technical details

Stretchable fabric + motors + custom designed LED RGBW boards + 2 Arduinos + laptop + Connect or Not Android app



  • stretchable fabric, 2.25x7m
  • 2 wooden bars, 5x5cm, 2.25m long
  • 2 wire cables, 7m long
  • hooks, screws, staples…
  • Arduino Uno board
  • Arduino Mega(ATMEGA1280) board
  • custom made shield with connectors for the motors and independent power
  • 24W Universal AC Power Adapter, on 6v
  • 4 HiTEC ultra torque servo motors, HS-645MG
  • modified the servos for continuous rotation, using this procedure servo-continuous-modify
  • plexiglass wheels on motors
  • 4 custom made RGBW LED light boards
  • laptop (Debian Wheezy) with built in wireless adapter Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6205 with Intel(R) Wireless WiFi driver for Linux, 3.11-2-amd64 (iwlwifi)
  • smartphone (tested with Samsung Galaxy S3, Android 4.0.4)



phone side:

laptop/beaglebone side:


browse, talk, send sms's and upload data over the network. observe changes in the movement and lights

HOWTO analyse position tracking

get the database file from the server;

read it using *sqlitebrowser*

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